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30 Day Yoga Challenge


  • At least ONE HOUR of yoga every day, (this can be spread out.)
  • A blog a day to track progress and answer the following questions.
  • A photo a day of each pose below.

* These poses and questions were chosen for more intermediate yogis, but feel free to use this as a general guideline. :) *

Poses & Questions

  1. Tree Pose- What do you hope to have changed by the end of these 30 days?
  2. Toe Stand Pose- Why did you start practicing yoga?
  3. Eagle Pose- Name at least one pose you hope to do perfectly one day. What a few poses that help prepare for that?
  4. Standing Head to Knee Pose- What’re your least favorite poses? Why?
  5. Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose- What’re your favorite poses? Why?
  6. Wide Legged Forward Bend- Talk about your most profound yoga session ever. What did you feel? Was there something you discovered?
  7. Headstand- What’s your least favorite misconception about yoga? What do you have to say about it?
  8. Upside Down Lotus Pose- Talk about your favorite instructor. (Even if it’s someone from youtube, ect.)
  9. Revolved Head to Knee Pose- Sum up what yoga means to you.
  10. Wild Thing- What poses are you close to perfecting?
  11. Sphinx Pose- What poses have you already perfected?
  12. Dolphin Pose- What’s your favorite sequence of 3-5 moves?
  13. Camel Pose- Do you prefer doing yoga at home? In a studio? Outside? Why?
  14. Plough Pose- What’s your favorite branch of yoga? Why?
  15. Bound Angle Pose- Your thoughts on meditation.
  16. Extended Puppy Pose- What do you think the perfect diet looks like?
  17. Happy Baby Pose- What’re your greatest achievements in yoga?
  18. Upward Facing Open Angle Pose- How do you feel yoga helps you once you’re off your mat?
  19. Cowherd Pose- Shoutout to a fellow yogi/yogini from tumblr.
  20. Cock Pose- 5 Things yoga’s taught you.
  21. Revolved Wide Angle Forward Bend- How does yoga compare to your initial expectations of it?
  22. Warrior Pose (Bow Down Var.)- Tips for any one new to yoga?
  23. Half Moon Pose- Have you ever been injured doing yoga? How? Doing anything now to prevent it?
  24. Revolved Bound Triangle Pose- Has yoga ever helped you with an injury or a sickness? Explain.
  25. Revolved Triangle Pose- Write your own 10 Yogic Commandments.
  26. Boat Pose- What’ve you discovered about your body since starting yoga?
  27. One Legged King Pigeon Pose- What’ve you discovered about yourself since starting yoga?
  28. Seahorse Pose- How has yoga benefited you the most?
  29. Extended Side Angle Pose- Who would you recommend yoga to?
  30. Revolved Bound Half-Moon Pose- How do you feel about the direction your yoga practice is going? Will you continue to go as hard? Or will you slow down? Maybe even speed up?

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